Project 1 Pitch

The story is a crime-drama about a young girl, who recounts the story of her parents’ and the months leading up to their demise. After a heated argument, Alice kills Jack’s brother, Brendon. Later that week, Jack and Alice are assigned Brendon’s murder case. Jack is still unaware that Alice had actually murdered Brendon. As the story goes along, Jack becomes increasingly determined to find out who murdered Brendon, and Alice’s personality reveals itself to Jack. As they both argue all day, they begin to neglect Ava, their child. In our climax, Alice reveals that she had killed Brendon. In the heat of the moment, Jack strangles Alice, killing her. Ava walks in just as her mother dies, so Jack runs away. Several days later, Jack’s body is found after a probable-suicide, and Ava is shipped off to a distant relative. After years of struggling to come to terms with what happened, Ava decides to take her therapist’s advice and recount her parents’ story.


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