Collaborative Team – Rise Against

Name: Rise Against  (Tim McIlrath, Zach Blair, Joe Principe and Brandon Barnes).


Rise Against is a band formed in 1999, in Chicago Illinois. The band is known to crate songs based on their ideals and use them as a form of activism. The band openly supports human rights and have based several songs around the violation of human rights. Most members of the band (excluding Barnes) are straight edge. Rise Against also recently endorsed a new line of Vans shoes.


Rise against is a melodic hardcore band. They make music. They protest stuff. Usually bad stuff. Yes that is what Rise Against is. This is how I waste space to make it look like I actually tried. Truth is I’m clueless. But HEY, you know what Rise Against is and what they do and that is what was asked.

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They signed with the label ‘Fat Wreck Chords’ and released their first two albums The Unraveling (2001) and Revolutions Per Minute (2003). Siren Song of the Counter Culture (2004) bought the band mainstream success and several popular singles. The albums The Sufferer and The Witness (2006) and Appeal to Reason (2008) hit the charts at number 10 and number 3. Rise Against has also shown support for organisations such as Amnesty International and the It Gets Better Project by starting fundraisers and donating money.


Rise Against uses their music as a form of activism especially concerning human rights. They have featured confronting footage in their videos “…To show the people what they should be fighting for” (Tim McIlrath).











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