Media Issues – Hacking

What is the issue?

In a digital world people’s cyber security has never been more important. The amount of important data and content on the internet exceeds thousands of gigabytes. This information can be compromised by hacking. Hacking is the access of restricted/secured data (often illegally).

Who does it affect?

Hacking can potentially affect everyone and chances are you have experienced some form of it as well. Companies, websites and users with poor internet security experience hacking often. Even people with strong security can experience breaches from experienced hackers.

Case Study

In 2015 after two years of preparations Russian hackers transferred over 650 million pounds into dummy accounts. They used official looking emails infected with malware to collect data. Once they were ready they used the  information to impersonate bank staff of over one hundred financial institutions. A Kaspersky Lab (Russian Cyber Security) uncovered the operation after investigating an ATM that was distributing cash randomly. The banks were soon informed and a large investigation was started.


In order to prevent hacking there are several steps that can be taken these include changing passwords often, updating antivirus software and backing up important data. More info here:



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