Drama Reflection

What was your role on the production?
For our media project ‘Come As You Are’ I was the producer. For some parts of the production our group had to share roles (such as camera operator and sound recordist) but the Producer and Director role was a constant.

What aspects were most successful?

I really liked the video logs, I think they were a really creative idea. To me they always seemed like a cool way to tell a story and they can push a story-line along well without breaking the overall mood.

What aspects need to be taken into account for your next project?

I think as a producer I needed to get the paperwork done faster and make sure everyone was organised, we all got a bit distracted and all over the place. Also the acting ability of our team, some of the acting during fight scenes were laughable and we should have changed the scene to better fit the actors.

Where did you demonstrate the following editing techniques? (Match on action, cut away, sound bridge, dialogue overlap).

During our production we didn’t have a dialogue overlap (because it was mostly narration) but we managed to sneak a sound bridge in at the beginning with the music. The project was full of cutaways (fight scenes, arguing scenes,etc). Match on action was used during the cut away where the mother and father are discussing the case file, during the process of handing the case over a match on action was pulled off.



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