Innovative Individual

Name: Michael Mando

Short Biography

Michael Mando is a Canadian director, writer and actor and has acted in over thirty productions including
video games, tv series and films. When he was younger Michael Mando played in the male lead in over five different productions at the Dome Theatre Program despite no prior training. The Chairman of the program stated Michael to be “one of the finest talents to emerge from the program in the past 25 years.”


In his later life, Michael founded Red Barlo Productions and released its first film in 2010; ‘Conditional Affection’ which he wrote, directed and starred in. After the films release he went on to play contrasting characters in an assortment of TV series and films.



‘Film and television actor, writer, and director with a background in contemporary and classical theatre.’

Noted Projects:

Vaas, Far Cry 3

Vic, Orphan Black

Ignacio Varga, Better Call Saul

Far Cry 3 is one of Michael Mando’s more popular projects, when
auditioning for the role of Vaas the character’s concept was extremely different. The character was supposed to be a strong silent type but Michael’s audition was so good that the creators decided to change the character to fit Mando. In the end the character was created in likeness to Michael to suit h
is performance.ceae3779c3915225f76a5ba853938773



Michael Mandos Short Films

Warning! Contains coarse language, violence, disturbing scenes and sexual references.





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