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Ashley Frangipane, better known by her stage name Halsey, is a singer and songwriter from New Jersey. b2ba84b3372735ff3776c36b5722c994

Halsey is represented mostly positively in the media, many people favour her because of her strong support of gay/equal rights. It is for this reason that she also gets a lot of hate. Due to her struggle against her bipolar disorder as a teenager, she has become a role model for people struggling with mental illness.

Halsey is very supportive of her fans and interacts with them on a regular basis. Halsey is described as having a strong personality, she tends to turn her insecurities into jokes and will bite back at haters for pointing out her own/her fans flaws.tumblr_np8hlojdgj1u916uqo1_500


Halsey has multiple twitter accounts; HalseyMedia (run by her PR) and HALSEY (run by herself). HalseyMedia is used for promoting her merchandise and music while HALSEY is used to interact with her fanbase.


Halsey has been gaining popularity since her early days of making parodies of songs on tumblr and has continued to grow into an international artist.


(She also has some unknown beef with Taylor Swift).tumblr_inline_nryl19hskn1rgu2hj_500



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