The Role of the Editor

What are the responsibilities of the film/video editor?

The video editors job is to assemble the raw footage of a film into the sequence indicated by the provided script or screenplay. Their job can also include enhancing video and audio (adding effects, fine tuning the content, etc). They may also work with the director in reviewing and planning the films graphic elements.

Who else works I the editing department on a feature film?

During post production (editing, reviewing, etc) the editor can be found working closely with the director, cinematographer, sound specialists, musical directors. This is to correct and gain insight into the more specific element of the film in order to pick out flaws and create a film that lives up to expectation.

What sort of skills would you need to succeed at this profession?

An editor would need to have acceptable skills in technology particularly with post production processes and editing software. They must also have creativity, an imagination under pressure and understand storytelling techniques.They must have good communication, interpersonal and leadership skills. Visual awareness and attention to detail is recommended 🙂

What is the current payrate of editors in WA?

The average salary for a Film / Video Editor is AU$53,097 per year. (Anonymous. 2016). This varies depending on experience and exact location.

Describe the difference between linear and non-linear editing.

Linear editing is editing in a sequential order – start to finish, it was particularly used in the earlier years of editing when tape could only be edited limitedly. It tends to be a cheaper and in some cases easier than non-linear editing.

Non-linear editing is editing out of the pre-determined order. Instead of working piece by piece the editor can switch between working on different segments. Although it is a less simple technique it is usually preferred as it allows the editing process to be more flexible.


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