Creative Industries Interview – Marcus Alexander

Marcus Alexander is a Swedish musician and songwriter operating mainly on YouTube, Spotify and Twitch. To date he has recorded 12 original pieces available to the public and 17 covers.

1. What are some of the challenges you face as a songwriter?

I’d say finding the “zen” of writing modes, sometimes you can write easily but you don’t like it at all, or you write something you really really like but you can’t match it or develop it.. So writing at the right moment and also realizing when that moment is, is precious information haha..

2. What motivated you to publish your music?

Simply the fact that I wrote many songs and that I studied studio stuff so it was easy to publish it, but of course also the fact that I want to share my music and words and melodies, that’s the whole point of why I play, because I want to give people that feeling I get myself when I hear someone else’s music and depth!

3. How has technology benefited your work?

The internet is key to my “success” or whatever you could call it.. I stream live at which pretty much created the fanbase upon which I built my artist profile and following, also being able to record at home and master/mix everything makes life easier and also distribution cheap.

4. When did your passion for music begin?

My whole family including most of my cousins play music or sing, or at least create something, like painting or architecture! I started playing piano when I was like 5 because we had one, and then guitar when I was around 14 because my cousin told me I should try.. and then I just wanted to get good so I practiced for hours and hours!

5. What inspires you the most?

Inspiration is hard to pin point for me, sometimes I write at my best when I’m hung over …, but sometimes it’s just from sitting around quietly for a long time and just thinking. I gotta say girls messing up my life has been the biggest source of inspiration but I guess that’s just the way things are, if I cared about society I suppose I’d be a rapper complaining about taxes and guns and crap.. haha I honestly have no idea, Gregory Alan Isakov said something smart, living life is like eating all the poetry you find along the way, and then songwriters are just good at dumping that eaten poetry into lyrics or music.