Rape Culture

We’ve all heard people throw around words like victim blaming and sexual objectification right? Sometimes people use words like ‘rape’ and ‘molest’ in a joking manner or to exaggerate something harmless for fun. The thing is, should we treat something so serious as little more than a joke?

It’s called trivializing rape, it happens a lot more often than people like to admit. Trivializing rape is apart of ‘rape culture’ which is an attitude that society has tak
en towards rape and sexual harassment. Its referring to the way our society blames victims of sexual assault and normalizes sexual violence.  Although this may seem extreme, you’ll find that as you read headlines or articles (much like this one) rape culture is everywhere.

Its people telling the victim that ‘perhaps you should have been more careful’ or ‘maybe you shouldn’t have worn that dress’ instead of punishing the culprit. Because its easier that way, isn’t it?

Here’s some statistics from the USA:

  • 105,000 rapes occur per year in the United States and the number increases each year.
  • Only 1 in 100 rapists serve more than one year in prison.
  • 80% of sexual assault victims are under the age of 30.
  • 1 in every 10 rape victims are male.
  • 1 in 33 men experience attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.

Rape Culture In the Media119

With 105,ooo rapes occurring per year in the USA alone, why is there only limited coverage. Simple, its not considered ‘good’ news. In the off chance the media does do a story on sexual assault they focus on the rapist o
r in one case how promising their football career was!


The Real Enemy

Not every male walking down the street is a rapist, abuser,d58e90ad3b11e4105a2043e81c08137d sexual offender, etc. Men aren’t the enemy, neither is alcohol, skimpy
outfits or the way people act. Honestly men get raped as well and it is possible for guys to be raped by women. This isn’t a matter of feminism or gender supremacy. It’s a matter of rape and how we treat the victims. Victim blaming happens everywhere not just in rape culture, victim blaming occurs in suicides,
petty crimes and sometimes even homicides.

Its upsetting to think that when another person is sexually assaulted a majority of people (especially the online community) will immediately blame the victim for being ‘too drunk’ or ‘for wearing skimpy clothing’. Its an important time to teach people ‘don’t rape’ rather than ‘don’t get raped’.

“Rape culture is when I was six, and my brother punched my two front teeth out. Instead of reprimanding him, my mother said “Stefanie, what did you do to provoke him?” When my only defense was my mother whispering in my ear, “Honey, ignore him. Don’t rile him up. He just wants a reaction.” As if it was my sole purpose, the reason six-year-old me existed, was to not rile up my brother. It’s starts when we’re six, and ends when we grow up assuming the natural state of a man is a predator, and I must walk on eggshells, as to not “rile him up.” Right, mom?” (Stephanie Lyn, Cover Your Eyes).

Check out Stephanie Lyn’s Poem ‘Cover Your Eyes’ here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPZiFNYxaww