Innovative Individual

Name: Michael Mando

Short Biography

Michael Mando is a Canadian director, writer and actor and has acted in over thirty productions including
video games, tv series and films. When he was younger Michael Mando played in the male lead in over five different productions at the Dome Theatre Program despite no prior training. The Chairman of the program stated Michael to be “one of the finest talents to emerge from the program in the past 25 years.”


In his later life, Michael founded Red Barlo Productions and released its first film in 2010; ‘Conditional Affection’ which he wrote, directed and starred in. After the films release he went on to play contrasting characters in an assortment of TV series and films.



‘Film and television actor, writer, and director with a background in contemporary and classical theatre.’

Noted Projects:

Vaas, Far Cry 3

Vic, Orphan Black

Ignacio Varga, Better Call Saul

Far Cry 3 is one of Michael Mando’s more popular projects, when
auditioning for the role of Vaas the character’s concept was extremely different. The character was supposed to be a strong silent type but Michael’s audition was so good that the creators decided to change the character to fit Mando. In the end the character was created in likeness to Michael to suit h
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Michael Mandos Short Films

Warning! Contains coarse language, violence, disturbing scenes and sexual references.





Documentary Pitch – Social Media

Title: #SocialMedia

Team Members: Leticia, Eve, Ziyi and Bec.

Log line: Unraveling the truth behind today’s social media entities.

Synopsis: Social media is the most popular communication form of the last three decades. Leticia Paul unlocks the airtight secrets of the four most used platforms of social media. Along the way discovering the problems and possibilities associated with this generation’s internet addiction.

Social Media, Twitter – Blog 1

What are the features of this new media technology?

Twitter is the third most popular social media website in the world (after Facebook and YouTube). Twitter allows its users to create a personal page that defines their existence as a member of the ‘twitter-sphere’. It allows people to create small 140 character messages (tweets) which can be made to inform, entertain or spam their followers. On top of that users receive updates from people that they have followed, this lets them keep up to date on topics of interest and communicate with role models, public figures or friends and family. To add to messages users can post digital content like videos and photos and can also ‘retweet’ content they like so followers can see it.

allow people to update and inform them of trends. Companies use it to keep in touch with consumers and famous people generally gain a large following and can communicate with fans.  Connect people who share common interests.

How does it change the way we communicate and interact?

Twitter can provide people with an easy way to communicate with followers from around the globe in short concise messages. From general updates (such as day to day life) to celebrities and internet personalities keeping in touch with fans and promoting their art. By gaining a following of people who share common interests a user can cater to an audience using their digital content and can even talk (to an extent) to these people.

What does it mean for consumers? Does it change our experience of the media?

Twitter is constantly changes industry by allowing consumers to contact a company/corporation directly. Consumers can have more interactivity with role models, artists and actors, plus keep up to date with trending topics. In this way it can also give the people a voice, a way to speak out and make a change.

Believe it or not most of our current popular culture is adopted through social media sites such as twitter. Most likely you’ve seen memes trending and shared them with your friends, your friends show their friends, their friends show their friends and the cycle continues. This is why digital content on social media gets so popular, because its easy to share.

Highly influential on self esteem and interests.

What social and economical changes will it cause?

Twitter constantly changes industry, two of the biggest industries it has an impact on is beauty and fashion. Companies always have an ear out for trends and things such as #thedress are perfect opportunities for profit.

Trending and hot topics blow up through Twitter, this causes changes even subtly it can change our day to day life. Just like #MakeTrumpDrumphAgain topics can be used as a form of activism and protest.

What problems and possibilities will this form of new media technology bring about?

As mentioned above Twitter can be a starting place for protest and activism groups. Even Anonymous (a famous hactivism group) uses Twitter to reach out to people! This does have repercussions as supporters of ISIS have also found a way to utilize twitter for there benefits.

Another issue is bullying and trolling, Twitter can be used to anonymously attack people through their accounts. A quick search on Google and you’ll find that this happens on a regular basis. In some cases it’s quite brutal and celebrity beef can be a cause of it. As you probably know Taylor Swift accused Kanye West of using an offensive lyric (involving her) and several arguments and Buzzfeed articles later #TaylorSwiftIsOverWasTrending. This was no surprise but during that time both Taylor and Kanye’s (and a number of other peoples) pages were flooded with insults and racist slurs. It was quite disturbing and brutal.

Kids, please play nice with Twitter. 🙂

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